Samsung's Next Best Thing !

In 2015, Samsung signaled a pretty dramatic change for a brand that seemed like it was unstoppable. As if to silence the doubters, Samsung has not one, but two flagships on offer -- the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge -- and they are surrounded by questions. Can they restore Samsung to its former glory? Has the company figured out how to build a truly interesting smartphone again? It is too early to make a call on the former, but after a week of testing, the answer to the latter is a clear and definite "yes."

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

This more expensive version of the Galaxy S6 banks it all on looks. It performs just as well as its cousin in every task we threw at it, but the few software gimmicks that make use of the Edge's beautiful curved display just don't do much to justify the extra cost. Buy it for its looks, not because it's any more functional.


  • Stunning design
  • The curved screen is gorgeous
  • Impeccable camera experience
  • Great day-to-day performance


  • The curved screen doesn't do much
  • Battery life could be better
  • No microSD or removable battery
  • It's not waterproof

Samsung Galaxy S6


  • Sturdy, stylish design
  • Impeccable camera experience
  • Great day-to-day performance
  • TouchWiz is finally worth using


  • Battery life could be better
  • Fingerprint sensor can be flaky
  • It is not waterproof
  • No microSD or removable battery

Samsung has a lot riding on its 2015 flagship, and this time it is put its best foot forward. With its super-fast, homebrew processor, a pair of great cameras and a surprisingly clean version of TouchWiz, the S6 is the finest Galaxy Samsung has ever made. Now, if only it were waterproof. 


GAMING PUNDITS’ FAVORITE hobbyhorse is dead: After years of pleading by investors, analysts, and reporters to put its games on smartphones and tablets, Nintendo announced just such a plan Tuesday. And, perhaps to make up for years of intransigence on the matter, Nintendo is not taking a tentative half-step into mobile, but rather establishing a long-term alliance with DeNA, one of the major new Japanese powerhouses to emerge from the mobile revolution.

In fact, as it said during its announcement, Nintendo is now the number-two shareholder in DeNA. Nintendo going mobile is the beginning of a new era, but you may not like everything that happens. Here’s why.

Nintendo is still bucking conventional wisdom, and it’s still right to do so. Nintendo may be “going mobile” in the sense that it will be producing games starring its characters for these platforms, but company president Satoru Iwata was quick to note that it is not capitulating to the advice that it simply dump classic games onto iPhones, hacking a touch interface into the 8-bit Super Mario Bros., for example.

Iwata rightly points out that the experience would be a mismatching of software and hardware that would not produce a game that meets Nintendo’s standards. In other words, we’d have Nintendo characters on iPhone, but not Nintendo-quality experiences. Dropping old games onto phones would be a short-term income-boosting plan: Okay, you put Zelda on Android and made a few million dollars, but how do you follow that up?

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HTC One M9

The new HTC One M9 has been announced, and it is already going to vying for the title of best phone in 2015, such is the combination of design and high power specs.

While loads of the mooted specs didn not actually appear, the new phone has finally been launched following loads of leaks all over the internet, and it does not disappoint, with upgrades in nearly every area.

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The Earin earbuds are the tiniest Bluetooth aptX earbuds we have ever heard about, weighing in at just 0.18 ounce and measuring only 0.78-inch tall and 0.55-inch in diameter.

Just in case that is too small, you will be able to get small Concha locks, which grip the contours of your ear, or you can get a tight fit with the included foam tips.

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Apple kicks off production of Retina MacBook Air

Apple eagerly anticipated 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina display is on its way down the production line and might even hit Apple Store shelves by April.

First reported by the Wall Street Journal, the new line of MacBook Air laptops have already entered mass production and are being stockpiled ahead of a release in Q2 2015, which is where the extra speculation gets underway.

Apple Insider speculates that the refreshed MacBook Air will be debuted at the Worldwide Developers Conference that is slated to kick off in June. However, other industry sites wonder if the new laptop will launch with the Apple Watch, which is expected to be outed at the Apple event scheduled for next week.

Further to this there are expected to be new speakers plus an updated keyboard and trackpad, and there are even rumors Apple will do away with standard features like USB ports, the microSD slot, Thunderbolt and MagSafe ports in favor of a headphone jack and USB Type-C connector.

Via: Wall Street Journal