>>>>>>>> Spring 2019
COM-125 Computer Programming with Animations Saturday 10:00AM - 01:00PM
This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of computer programming. Students will learn how to use computers for problem solving by creating algorithms, coding solutions and testing and debugging programs. Visual programming languages (VPL) will be used to introduce topics such as objects and object oriented programming, methods, logic, control and data structures. Students will program an animated world and create games using sequential, conditional, and looping algorithms.

COM-152 Computer Programming Bas01 TTH 01:40PM - 03:05PM McE 203
An introduction to the concepts underlying computer science and programming such as: abstraction, analysis, and modularity. Emphasis is on algorithm development, and the use of structured program design techniques in solving problems. Students will develop programs using the syntax and semantics of a higher-level language (Java). Searching, sorting, recursive algorithms and the concept of objects will be introduced.

COM-260 - Computer and Information Security TTH 11:10AM - 12:35PM, McE 203
This course combines the theoretical and practical aspects of securing a computer system. The goal is the design and analysis of secure systems, which incorporate confidentiality, integrity and availability. Topics include threats, risk management, access controls, cryptography and encryption, secure code (especially operating systems, databases, programs, email), network and Internet security including firewalls and VPNs. The legal, ethical and privacy issues of information security are emphasized.

COM-310 Operating Systems MW 03:10PM - 04:35PM McE 402
The emphasis of this course is on the efficient allocation and use of computer resources, especially process and memory management, job scheduling, access to hardware and software resources, security and reliability. Examples will be drawn from standard operating systems (eg. MS-DOS, UNIX). Questions relating to communications, timesharing, networking, concurrency, distributed systems, synchronization, and deadlocks) will be discussed.

COM-370 Adv.Computer Programming MW 01:40PM - 03:05PM, McE, 203
This course will present advanced programming concepts such as inheritance, interfaces, multitasking, interactive network programming, event handling, GUI generation and stream I/O and the use of these concepts in building programs of significant size. Applications, applets and servlets will be investigated. Students will apply the learned concepts by completeing several programming projects of significant size.

COM-390 Adv.Application Programming and Database Systems M 06:15PM - 09:15PM McE 402
This course covers information systems design and implementation with a focus on database management systems. Students will apply design strategies, system analysis and project management principles along with advanced programming skills to create a full-scale database application. Students will utilize Project Management Software and embedded SQL in a high-level programming language such as Java or Visual Basic.Net.

>> SJCNY-BR Fall 2018
College Experience Computer Programming Sat 10:00AM - 01:00PM, McE Room 203
Introduction to the methods used to store and access data efficiently, and their influence on program performance; methods introduced are linear lists, linked list, restricted lists, trees, hashing schemes, and graphs. Included are the related topics of recursion and sorting algorithms and their influence on algorithm efficiency.