The purpose of the Saint Joseph’s Computer Club is to provide a community for students who are interested in Computer Science. The club will strive to provide opportunities for students to pursue projects beyond the classroom. The club will be operated for student academic enhancement, through tutorial work stations, students mentoring students, related scientific purposes and projects in the furtherance of promoting enthusiasm and interest within students, thereby increasing knowledge and performance in the field of computer science and its applications.


Tech Talks



Field Trips


SJC² Filed Trips

The SJC-Squared Computer Club (SJC²) had our fifth field trip on April 16, 2018, to Google’s NYC offices at 111 Eighth Avenue—the historic, old Port Authority Building in New York’s lower Chelsea. The SJC² Computer Club has also been to NBC Studios at 30 Rock, Vigon, Fueled Inc, Google (1.0), and incoming speaking engagements from Goldman-Sachs, NBC News, Google, Draft, Citibank… with a few more events in the hopper

SJC² Adviser Salim Arfaoui.

"We are committed to furthering this club and expand its service. We are planning to add more activities and events and get more students involved. This is just the beginning and there is a lot more to come.”

"We don’t just want our students to acquire work skills from their education, we want them to get an exposure to a real work environment."

- Salim Arfaoui Professor - SJCNY.

“As an aspiring video game designer, I really appreciate the insights I received from the SJC Squared club. ”

- Christopher Viquez Student - SJCNY.

"It's quite clear that SJC² club members have both so much to offer, and—whether they realize it or not just yet.... quite a bright future ahead of them!"

- Michael Galke Student - SJCNY.