Download COM 310 Syllabus

Semester Paper

Chapter 1: Introduction
Ch1 Practice Exercises Pages 49 - 50

Chapter 2: Operating-System Structures
Read chapter 2:
            User Operating System Interface
            System Calls
            System Programs
            Operating System Structure
Assignment Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Process Concept
Read chapter 3:
            Process Concept
            Process Scheduling
            Operations on Processes
            Inter-process Communication
            Communication in Client-Server Systems
Assignment Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Threads
Read chapter 4:
            Multithreading Models
            Thread Libraries and Threading Issues
            Operating System Examples
            Windows XP and Linux Threads
            Re-entrency and Thread specific data
Read chapter: Deadlocks
            Deadlock Characteristics and Necessary Conditions
            Methods for Handling Deadlocks (Prevention, Avoidance, Detection)
            Recovery from Deadlock
Chapter 5: Process Synchronization
Read chapter: Process Synchronization
            Peterson’s Solution, Synchronization Hardware
            Mutex Locks, Semaphores
            Classic Problems of Synchronization
            Monitors, Synchronization Examples
            Alternative Approaches
Chapter 6: CPU Scheduling
Read chapter: CPU Scheduling
            Scheduling Criteria, Scheduling Algorithms
            Thread Scheduling, Multiple-Processor Scheduling
            Real-Time CPU Scheduling, Operating Systems Examples
            Algorithm Evaluation
Chapter 8: Memory Management
Read chapter: Memory Management
            Basic Hardware
            Contiguous Memory Allocation and Fragmentation
            Paging and Segmentation
            Intel Pentium and ARM architectures
Chapter 8.2: Virtual Memory
Chapter 10: File-System Interface
Chapter 11: File-System Implementation
Chapter 12: I/O Systems
Chapter 13: Protection
Chapter 14: Security
Chapter 7 Virtual Memory: What is Virtual Memory?

Virtual Memory: How Does Virtual Memory Work?

Virtual Memory: Page Tables

Virtual Memory: Address Translation