EXAM2 : MON 11/19/18

Download COM 150 Syllabus

Lecture Notes:

Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Number System Conversion

Download VisualLogic

Visual Logic Lecture1
Visual Logic Assignment
Visual Logic Lecture2
Visual Logic Lab 1
Visual Logic Lab 2
Visual Logic Lab 3
Visual Logic Lab 4

Lectures 1 & 2: Visual Basic Starting out with GUI
Writing Code Worksheet 1
Writing Code Worksheet 2

Lectures 4: Variables, Input, and Output
Writing Assignment Statements Worksheet 1
Using Variables worksheet 2
Tracing Variables Worksheet 3
Visual Basic Project (Variables)
Variables Projects

Lecture 5 : Decisions
Tracing If Statements Worksheet
Decision Structures Practice
Decision Structures Practice
Decision Structures Project

Exam2 Part2

Lecture 6: Repetition (Loops)
Writing For Loops
Tracing For Loops
Tracing For Loops Homework
Loops Project Homework

Lecture 7: Arrays
Arrays Worksheet1
Arrays Worksheet2
Arrays Homework
Arrays Project

Final Exam Part2